Prom Art Acceptable Products Policy

All products sold at a PromArt event must meet the following criteria in the opinion of the Oversight Committee.

  1. The product must be a work of Art or a Craft made by the person registering who must attend the event. They may be assisted by a partner or friend but must, in the main, be present to represent themselves and their work at each event.
  2. Product of any material can be used. This includes original pieces or prints of the original created by the exhibitor.
  3. The simple assembly of pre manufactured parts not made by the exhibitor will not be acceptable. The only exception to this is in relation to display/presentation materials & accessories. For example exhibitors selling paintings & prints can sell their work with a manufactured frame. The work of art itself however must be handmade by the exhibitor.
  4. Each trader must ensure that all goods they intend to sell are compliant with all relevant labelling and health and safety regulations and legislation, and agrees that their details may be passed on if they are not. This applies particularly but not exclusively to items such as toys, clothes, candles and cosmetics of any kind.  Please note that all cosmetics on sale must comply with EU Cosmetics Regulations [1223/2009]  for selling cosmetics [this includes soaps, bath bombs, lip balms etc]

    In particular:

    A formula must be approved by a cosmetic chemist and registered with the EU.• Labelling must include: Address, Weight, Best before or period after opening symbol, Batch code, Ingredients, starting with the word “ingredients”, then using the INCI names. [international nomenclature for cosmetic ingredients] eg aqua not water etc.To read the full applicable regulations on the EU website regarding cosmetics please click here.

  1. You may be asked to submit photos of your work and process before you attend an event. This helps us to ensure the authenticity of any items that will be on sale.
  2. If you display any items at an event that do not meet the criteria you will be asked to remove these items immediately. Failure to comply with this request will result in your being asked to leave the event immediately. Failure to comply with the request to leave will result in your loss of any fees paid in advance and you will not be allowed to return to future events.


Appeals Proceedings

If you disagree with a decision regarding products you have on display or your right to exhibit you may appeal to any member of the PromArt Oversight Committee.

This can be done on the day if a member of the Oversight Committee is present at the event or can be reached by telephone for a decision on the day.

If this is not possible ( members of the Oversight Committee are not required to be present at each event) then you can appeal in writing to the Oversight Committee within seven days of the event providing always that you complied with the request made by our representative on the day.

The purpose of PromArt events is to promote genuine works of art and crafts.

We will work hard to help all applicants to meet our criteria.

If you have any concerns regarding the suitability of your products or your ability to attend in person to represent your work then please take the time in advance to clear up any concerns you have.

This then avoids any upset/disruption for the event, other exhibitors or members of the public.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Revised 28/05/2019